Children and Their Most Prized Possessions

Children and Their Most Prized Possessionsitaly

This photo essay (click the title above to view it) is fascinating to me.  Not only does it speak to the differences in wealth between countries, but it also says something about each place where these kids reside.  A few observations from my relatively brief study of this collection of photos:

  • The text accompanying this photo essay is interesting and jives well with my experience in the Philippines back in 1999: Those who have nothing want to give or share what they have; those who have much want it all for themselves.  This is not just true of children.
  • The only smiling boy is the one from Morocco.  All the other boys are serious, straight-faced, or downright sullen.
  • All but the Thai child identify their prized possessions as things to play make-believe with.  Nothing in the pictures (aside from the Thai child’s portrait) is electronic.
  • The Ukrainian child’s choice of items says a lot about his environment and his portrait struck me more than any of the others.
  • I adore what the Haitian girl chose – it really speaks to her personality.
  • The Thai child’s portrait actually looks a lot closer to what I expected for the American child’s portrait.  The modesty of the American child’s picture was, to be honest, a pleasant surprise.
  • I could stare at the view out the Moroccan child’s window all day!
  • Girls everywhere love dolls, stuffed animals, and dresses.
  • Justin Bieber is not just invading homes in America.

And last, but most importantly: I know SO little about the world.


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