Dear Little Miss…

tutuAlways take care of your body.  You are beautiful, no matter what, but you will feel beautiful if you take care of yourself.  I’m trying to teach you how to live healthfully, but I can only teach so much with words and rules.  A big piece has to be example and so far…I’ve done a terrible job.

Please know that I love you no matter how you look, or think you look.  My love for you is not based upon your clothes matching or your hair parting well or your flab being minimal.

It’s true that others will treat you differently based on how you look, but those are the people you should pity because they don’t know how to find real joy in life.  They aren’t happy, no matter how it seems.

Just please know that I want you to always feel confident, intelligent, valued, attractive, clever, fun, and worth everyone’s time.  Because you are all of those things.  And I would say this if you were 25, 16, or 12.  Just because you’re only 3 now doesn’t mean this isn’t true.

No one can love you like I do, and you may not believe me every moment of your life (your teen years will be particularly challenging, I suspect), but I hope when you are a grown woman you realize this.  And I hope between now and then you are able to cling to that unalterable truth in tough moments.  And in great ones.

Bottom line: I love you.  That is all.



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