When Reality Hi…

When Reality Hits the Fan

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page and in her blog after tucking her kids into bed the night of the Connecticut shooting.  While I don’t have any kindergarteners yet, the tragedy there are no words for affected me deeply.  I resonated a LOT with what this writer had to say.  Her daughters are N (kindergartener) and H (3rd-grader).

N asked me, “Did any of my friends die today?” and while the answer is no, we are part of the human family, and the bulk of the children killed were Kindergarteners, just like her. I wonder who they would have grown to be. I am struggling because this can’t keep happening, and yet I am certain that it will, while our nation continues to argue over what to do or not to do. We can’t live in fear, but what kind of a world are we raising our kids in, that churches, malls, movie theatres, soccer fields, coffee shops and schools aren’t safe places? I believe in life after death. I believe more people are good than bad. But on days like today, there are a lot of questions, and my inability to always protect my girls is glaring.


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