Lessons Learned

So last night a woman came to my door and said they had just taken her mother to the hospital in an ambulance because she’d had a heart attack. The woman had just moved here with her two small children in order to take care of her already-ailing mother and they were all living in an apartment in our complex. Her car was out of gas and her dad didn’t get off work until 4:30 a.m. She wanted to know if I or someone I knew could take her and her kids to the hospital to be with her mom, or if they could pay for her to get gas in her car. (She offered to pay them back with $20 extra later.) I didn’t have a car (Husband was gone) and I gave her all the cash I had – $1.25 in quarters.

I don’t know if the story (or the woman) was legit, but the lesson I want to teach my kids is that if someone expresses need and you have no real reason to doubt them…give.  Give what you can.  Give willingly and with a caring heart, because it’s not about their motivation, it’s about your compassion and selflessness.


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