The Great Bra Dilemma

As a large-busted woman I find bra shopping to be a tedious chore, not to mention incredibly depressing.  I can’t go to places like Victoria’s Secret because even though their models are *ahem* well-endowed, VS doesn’t cater to anyone over a 38DD.  Let’s just say if they consider their models “well-endowed” I must be a boob billionaire.  Finally, a few years back I discovered Lane Bryant, a store which not only caters to larger-all-the-way-around women, but also to large-busted women.  And instead of just buying plain black and white bras, I suddenly have an entire world of colours, styles and materials open to me.  (Only a fellow woman would understand my giddy school-girl excitement when I discovered this.)

The only problem: I was used to buying JC Penney bras at $25.  Lane Bryant charges at least $40 for theirs, and in some cases as much as $60.  I have, over the years, come to understand that this is normal; in fact, a lot of bras (such as VS) run even higher, into the $80-90 range.  So when I DO buy bras I a) wait for the BOGO sales, and b) wear my bras until they literally fall apart.

So when I got pregnant and realized I’d need to buy nursing bras I kind of freaked out a little bit.  It’s hard to find nursing bras that offer the support a large-busted woman such as myself needs, so it was unlikely I’d be wearing the nursing bras once I stopped breastfeeding.  This time around I am once again balking at spending that kind of money…so when a friend of mine brought this to my attention, I got quite interested.  I’m no pro, but I think this type of sewing is something even I can manage.  Awesome.


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