Carpe What?

Man thinking on a train journey.

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Some people are writers.  Among those are people who write news articles, human interest stories, novels, self-help books, introspective or devotional books, cookbooks, and…blogs.  Some are even really good at it.  I’ve never written a book (that was published or which I even attempted to publish) but  I have written news articles, devotional thoughts, and…blogs.  The first two I’m fairly accomplished at…but the latter – oh that elusive skill to writing powerful, entertaining, worth-the-read-in-your-busy-day blogs.

I just don’t have it.

Today’s featured blogger (see below) does.

Mother of Brothers does.

My friend D does.

Single Dad Laughing does.

And so many more I get overwhelmed thinking of all the awesome blogs I could be reading if I did nothing else with my life but read about how to enjoy/improve/refocus/make the most of it.  And I thought I could add to that?!?  What was I thinking?

So today I leave you with the brilliancy of someone who does a much better job at contributing to the blogosphere than I ever could: Glennon Melton – mother, wife, and future awesome old person.  She “penned” this incredible gets-you-thinking piece about what it’s like to try and seize the moment every moment of every day while parenting.  I think her point of view is refreshing, honest, and clear-headed.

Starting now I’m taking a break from this blog for a while…it’s time for me to admit that my blogging skills are mediocre at best and crap at reality.  So, with sincere apologies to the two and a half people who have been kindly following this blog for unknown reasons, I sign off here for a while…until I find someone else worthy of being shared with an already severely overcrowded cyber world.  For a little while I’ll spend some time practicing over at my other, more personal, friends and family only blog, and if I ever get one right, I’ll repost it here.

Thanks for flying with us and we hope you’ll choose us next time you decide to check out a newbie blog.



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