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Most mothers will probably find this hard to believe, but…I’ve been feeling this baby move around since I was 12 weeks along.  It’s frustrating to read all the pregnancy books and websites because they all say that it takes until week 18-20 for your first one and maybe 16-18 for your second to feel the “quickening.”  But I know I felt Miss Bennett dancing and stretching around 12 weeks.  Tomorrow I will be 23 weeks pregnant and I am starting to get impatient.


No, not for this child’s birthday – I enjoy being pregnant and experiencing each new thing that comes along as part of the whole shebang.  I’m impatient for Husband to be able to feel her moving, too.  It’s been 11 weeks since I felt her, and it seems like I’ve waited plenty long for her Olympic gymnast moves to be discernible from the outside, too.  But alas, I had Husband try and feel her squirming last night and…she stopped moving.  Of course.

That said, there’s almost nothing else about this pregnancy that I’m impatient for.  So far I’ve only had to buy two maternity shirts and no pants at all.  Of course, I’m quite overweight anyway, and some of my dress pants have elastic waistbands, making it easy for me to continue to wear them throughout my pregnancy.  I’m happy to be saving money by avoiding purchasing clothes I’ll only wear for a few short months.

I’m also most certainly not impatient for Miss Bennett to be born.  Husband, Little Miss, and I just moved across the state over the holidays (Merry Christmas to us, right?) and are still adjusting to the shift from a 2,100 square-foot home on a dead-end road by a creek in a valley of about 50,000 people to a 1,000 square-foot apartment in a complex of nearly 250 apartments situated in a metropolitan area of over 2.5 million.  Right now the only thing in Miss Bennett’s room that is actually hers is the changing table.  And you can’t actually use it; it’s currently surrounded by piles of boxes, large Rubbermaid bins, and a queen size mattress and box springs.  There is no way we’re ready for this baby to make her appearance, so I’ll happily – and patiently! – wait for that.

What I am impatient for, however, is to be rid of the constant stuffy nose I’ve had since the first trimester.  This symptom of my condition makes the first few minutes after my morning shower the most blessed part of the day – everything is clear and I can breathe normally through my nostrils as the Good Lord intended.

Now excuse me while I go try to find something else to distract me from my all-day fruit salad craving.




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