After having three different ultrasound dates (first changing due to travel and secondly due to insurance issues), we finally managed to get our 20-week ultrasound two weeks ago while visiting my parents after Christmas.  As the tech moved the wand pressed into my belly around in circles, Little Miss sat on Daddy’s lap and looked concerned.  Occasionally she’d point to the tech and make worried sounds that sounded to Mommy’s ears like, “Hey!  Don’t hurt my mommy!”  Daddy and I explained calmly that she wasn’t hurting Mommy at all; she was showing us pictures of Baby.  I pointed to the screen mounted on the wall where I could see it from the bed.  “See, honey – that’s your baby brother or sister!”

She didn’t appear convinced and quickly bored of watching black and white movements across the screen.  Before long she was opening and closing the bathroom door and only came out to see what was going on when we listened to Baby’s heartbeat.

Due to insurance issues, this was the last chance we had to find out what gender Baby is until February, so I crossed my fingers and prayed and wished and hoped we’d be able to tell this time.  First things first: The tech checked Baby’s heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, arms, hands, legs, feet, and cord.  Everything was there, which of course made us very happy.  The heartbeat was a regular and normal 153 bpm.  And then she attempted to learn the gender.  After several attempts I began to feel we’d have to wait another 6-8 weeks to find out if we would be welcoming Baby Girl #2 or Little Mister to the family.

Finally – FINALLY! – Baby cooperated and we the tech snapped a quick picture.

“Well,” she said, “I can’t tell you what I think it is, but here are those three tell-tale white lines, and I don’t see anything sticking out, soo0o…”  And as she moved through the screens on her computer I saw her answer “YES” to locating all the different body parts and, finally, under “Gender” she marked, “YES – F.”

IT’S A GIRL!  Little Miss is going to have a little sister this spring.

After I made a short list of names I liked and Husband nixed or approved them, we settled on a name not even on that list.  And this time, as opposed to when we were pregnant with Little Miss, we decided to announce the name ahead of time (we kept Little Miss’ name a secret until she was born).  So, in May, Husband, Little Miss, and I will be very happy to meet beautiful little Miss Bennett (not her real name) and introduce her to the world.

For now, you’ll have to settle for ultrasound pictures (we couldn’t get a profile shot, unfortunately).




   Miss Bennett says, “Ohai!”


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