9 Things I Notice Now That I’m a Mother

People say life changes when you have kids.  They say you’re never the same – you never act the same, never think the same, never ARE the same.  It’s true.  Even in ways you never considered.  Take, for instance, my proclivity for noticing things I never noticed before I became “Mommy.”  Typically I am an unobservant klutz.  Just ask my husband.  He’ll mention a cop car parked on the side of the road a block or two back and I will have never seen it – even though I was driving.  (Of course I’ll express excitement that they “finally changed that billboard we have to look at every day on our way to work” and he will respond with, “What billboard?”  But that’s not the point here.)  I trip over my husband’s shoes when they are UNDER the bed.  So my powers of observation are typically weak at best…but add my child to the picture and I have eagle eyes.  Here are some examples:

9 Things I Notice Now That I’m a Mother

  1. The direction of pan and pot handles on the stove.
  2. Stairs.
  3. The storage height of shaving implements in the shower.
  4. The presence of pens and/or pencils…and corresponding lack of paper.
  5. Cords not stuffed behind or under or inside a piece of furniture.
  6. The closeness of knives to the edge of the counter.
  7. Glasses containing liquid at a height of under three feet.
  8. The presence of swings and slides…and the absence of playthings for kids.
  9. Ease of accessing collections of breakables (figurines, china, stemware, etc.).

One thought on “9 Things I Notice Now That I’m a Mother

  1. When you start going to kid’s sporting events, you will also start to notice flying balls and swinging bats…

    And then when the kids are adults, you start to notice things about YOURSELF – some good and some not so good – it’s an interesting thing to interact with your children when they become adults.

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