What a 4-year-old Should Know

A conversation in an online group of moms brought up the topic of how children learn and how we as parents can know they know all they should know when they should know it.  (Did you catch all that?)  Someone reposted a blog I’ve read several times and have had tears in my eyes each time I read it.  I of course wanted to share it here with you, but thought maybe I already had.  So I checked my archives and sure enough – I did!  Back on September 7, 2010.  Woah, wait a minute!  (I’m sure you thought that when you read my last sentence.)  Isn’t today – why yes, yes it is!  Today is September 7, 2011 and here I am sharing it with you again.  Weird coincidence, or just that time of year when school starts and we’re all back to wondering what our kids should learn this year?  I don’t know, but either way, this article/blog is worth sharing over and over and over again.  Please – pass it on.

What Should a 4-Year-Old Know?

by Alicia, happy mother of four and one on the way living in Minnesota, U.S.A.  She homeschools, uses her God-given gift of making every day magical for her family, and inspires moms like me every day through her blog, “A Magical Childhood.”


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