I always thought it would be awesome to have twins.  They’re so adorable in their matching clothes with rhyming or alliterative names…who wouldn’t want to have twins?!?

Then I had a baby.

When I realized how much work just ONE was, and how difficult it was to feel rested with just ONE in the house, I decided I was thankful I had just one Little Miss as I went through mommy boot camp.

Today I stumbled across a collection of images of twins on a parenting website I’m a member of, and suddenly, I again very much want to have twins.  (Don’t worry, I know I’m crazy.)  But take a look at these pictures and tell me you don’t think they’re adorable.  Don’t you just want to cuddle them all?


One thought on “Twins!

  1. I have ALWAYS wanted twins……boy / girl……all done at once. Would love it. And yes, those pictures are adorable and I DO want to snuggle them all. 🙂

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