Theme Weeks

I know a lot of creative mamas, and they consistently make me feel like a ten-year-old trying to play house around Martha Stewart’s mom.  Many are SAH moms and they are constantly looking for ways to occupy their little ones’ time, so they wax eloquent with inspiration and creativity.  Plus I’m pretty sure they’re just naturally gifted.

So one of my creative mama friends decided to come up with a weekly theme around which to focus daily activities, and has invited other parents to join in with their kids.  (She seriously has themes chosen for every week through the end of 2011.  I told you I’m worth pennies as an involved parent compared to them!)  Another creative mama took her idea and ran with it, and is posting on her blog baby and toddler suggestions each week for that week’s theme.  This week’s activity theme: Hats!  Check out her blog for ideas for toddlers and younger children and post your own ideas, too.

I’ll try to contribute when I can…working every day all week kind of puts a damper on my energy for involvement this intense, but I want to be more creative, so perhaps this list will inspire me?  If you decide to participate in any of the themes, post pictures and link to them in the comments here or on my friend’s blog.  We’d love to have good company.

Happy theme-ing!


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