Spell No More

My friend, who is a nearly stay-at-home mom with her two boys, shared this with me:

Her oldest, L, is 2.  They have, of course, been spelling certain words around him for quite a while now, just as Husband and I have been spelling “c-h-e-e-s-e” and “b-a-t-h” and “n-u-k” and “e-l-m-o” for a while around Little Miss.  This afternoon, my friend, Jenn, was home with her two boys, and the following exchange occurred:

L: “I think it’s time for J’s n-a-p.”
Jenn: “What’s an n-a-p?”
L: “Mommy, you know what a nap is.”

To everything there is a season…and the season of spelling around L has ended.


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