Moonjar Money Box

Though Little Miss is a bit young to understand the concept of money, she does enjoy putting coins into her little piggy bank.  For those of you with older children, this money box or bank may be a fun way to introduce the concept of saving, as well as giving.  I’d like to do something like this for Little Miss when she’s old enough.  For now, though, I’ll pass the savings on to you.  And even if you don’t buy this, it’s simple enough to set up a system at home that works the same way.  Three different piggy banks, three different shoe boxes with slots cut in the top, three different tin cans with holes punched in the top…if you do the latter two, your kiddos could even decorate their boxes/cans however they like, to personalize them.  So not only do you have a simple educational tool, you’ve also given yourself an hour or so of distraction time when the kids will be engrossed in decorating.  Way to go!


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