Record-Setting Baby

On Friday morning in Longview, Texas, a woman gave birth to a 16 lb. 4 oz. baby measuring 24 inches in length.  Well, when I say “give birth” I mean the baby was removed from her body; it was a scheduled c-section, for obvious reasons.  Jamichael Brown is (not surprisingly) the largest baby ever born in that hospital, and you can watch a video or read the full story here.

What bothers me is that “little” Jamichael has respiratory and blood sugar issues.  The child is only 3 days old.  Clearly, this woman’s doctor was either a) not paying attention and doing his/her job to ensure a gestational diabetic patient had a healthy baby (which is possible – my daughter and I are proof) or b) didn’t know what he/she was doing.  Everyone is alive, and that is the positive side of this whole story; what I wish is that Jamichael wasn’t suffering from Day One, just because his mother’s doctor was negligent.


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