Story Time

We took a family trip to visit my family this past weekend.  They live in a large city about 4 1/2 hours away from where we live, so it’s a decent drive, but not too bad for a nice weekend stay.  I was actually being sent to the city on business, so although I had to work a few hours, we got to go a day early and the trip was paid for by my office, so it really was a win!

Little Miss does fairly well in the car, though occasionally she gets antsy toward the end and it takes extra distraction to make it to our destination without extensive fussing.  This weekend, however, she did very well and didn’t fuss at all, either coming or going.  She slept for 90 minutes on the trip there, and over two hours on the trip back.  Little Miss is, fortunately, a good car-sleeper.

On the trip back home on Sunday evening, Little Miss surprised us by telling us her first made-up story.  She had been chatting with Daddy, who was sitting in the front with me, as the rest of the vehicle was taken up by convention paraphernalia, including a folding table, when out of the blue she said, “Go bye-bye in airplane!”

Husband looked at me.  I looked at husband.

“Who went bye-bye on an airplane?” he asked Little Miss.

“Chloe!” she said, meaning a little friend she plays with from time to time.

Who knew a 22-month-old could make up and tell stories?  I sure didn’t…


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