Sunscreen Guide 2011

It happens every summer.  I see it on my mom forums, I hear women chatting about it at work as they discuss upcoming vacation time, and, I’ll admit it…I forget about it.  “It” is protective skincare, i.e. using sunscreen/sunblock during the summer months.  I’ve no  doubt ruined my skin and perhaps even given myself skin cancer by burning my fair, freckled hide multiple times in my short life, but I certainly don’t want to pass on that habit to my daughter.

I recently watched a video put together by David Cornfield Melanoma Fund Canada, and, if nothing else, in that five-minute video I learned that the state of your skin is pretty much determined by the time you turn 18.  So all those high school years spent in bikinis on the beach with friends to get that coveted tan could severely damage one’s skin, possibly even opening the door for cancer later in life.

And yes, people die from skin cancer.

I’ve included the video below for your own viewing (and education!), but if you’re wondering how this fits into a mom blog, fear not!  A friend recently shared a link with me with reviews on sunscreens and sunblocks, including a list of products you really should never use.  This covers the entire family, from baby through mom and dad and everyone in-between, so check it out and see if your favourite sunblock and lip balm are actually doing you the good you think it is.


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