Splish Splash…

Hot Wheels cars

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We had our first “toys in the toilet” experience last night.  I knew it was coming, and I’m sure we lasted longer than parents of boys (I hear they have special fascinations with bowls full of water), but I was really hoping to put it off, I don’t know…forever?

Little Miss has developed a real interest in toy cars.  Daddy has a box full of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars from when he was a kid – well-loved relics of an era seemingly long-gone – and she spends her evenings at home pushing them around the dining room, off the edge of the table, over her legs, and into all other areas of the house.  Her little car sounds are adorable; she does the motorboat sound with her lips and then makes the cars honk at each other: “Woo-woo!” which for some reason she prefers over the more car-like “Beep-beep!”

So last night I asked her to head to her bedroom so we could get her diaper changed and her PJs on.  She grabbed the toy car she was playing with and headed to the bedroom, but somehow detoured and ended up in the bathroom.  Pointing at the toilet she asked, “Poo poo?” and started tugging at her pants.  Like a good, encouraging mommy I never say “no” when she requests to use the potty, so we stripped her bottom half and plopped her on her little potty seat.

As of yet, Little Miss has only done her business in the toilet once; Daddy was getting her bath ready and heard tinkling.  She was as surprised as he was and tried to see what was making that noise beneath her.  That was about two months ago and though she sits on the potty 4-5 times every week, she has yet to do anything in it since that first time.

I found this trend to be especially fortunate last night when Little Miss insisted on driving her toy car around the potty seat.  I chided her gently, telling her to drive the car on her leg instead, which she did.  However, she still wasn’t satisfied, so she “compromised” by driving it back and forth between her legs and the potty seat, which she accomplished by awkwardly lifting one leg at a time up off the seat and driving the car along the slippery plastic potty seat.

You can see where this is going, can’t you.

I turned to throw her diaper in the trash and just as I turned back and saw her driving the car on the seat below her leg, I knew I was too late.  “Honey, don’t drive the –” SPLASH!

There was silence in the bathroom as Little Miss looked first between her legs into the dark abyss of toilet water below her, and then at me, wondering what I’d do.  I sighed, then laughed.  What could I do?  Her innocent little face peered up at me as if to say, “Mommy, the potty stole my car!  Can you get it back for me, please?”

Daddy was the knight in shining armour, just as he should be, and fished the toy car out of the toilet with the flat handle of a soup ladle (don’t worry, we’ll scrub and clean and sanitize it before using it at the dinner table).

Somehow, I kind of feel as though I’ve been initiated into the “Mothers of Toddlers” club.  Awesome.


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