Robbed of Intelligence

The following photograph was posted by a friend of mine on Facebook yesterday, with the caption, “Proof that children rob you of intelligence.”

You’re looking at her holding the remote control to their television set.  Here’s the story as she told it:

First: Please pardon the mess. This was taken in our craft/office/everything else room. Secondly, the story: So our 22-month-old daughter has been throwing things lately, much to my frustration. Yesterday she hucked this remote across the room, causing the back to pop off and the batteries to fall out. It was not a pretty moment. I thought I found both batteries – one under the table and the other under a chair. When the remote later failed me, I wondered if it was broken. I removed the back again only to discover that one of the so-called batteries was, in fact, a broken crayon. My husband wondered why I hadn’t noticed that I put a crayon in the remote. I had no words.


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