Summer Baby

I love Etsy.  Though I’ve known about it for quite a while, I’ve only recently found myself addicted to it, and have already found hundreds of dollars worth of products I’d like to purchase when I become a millionaire.  (I’m working on that…maybe if I live to be 300 I’ll get there.)

Today I stumbled across this lovely photo of a gorgeous baby:

The shop, PixieProps, specializes in handmade photography props, such as the faux grass blanket featured in this photo.  I thought the idea was pretty clever, and the photo was adorable…but I just can’t get over how perfect this little one is.

I’m pretty sure I could stare at this precious face for hours.  Sleeping babies are probably therapeutically relaxing, similar to therapy dogs.

When I was home for my 3-month maternity leave with Little Miss, I often contemplated visiting nursing homes with her, just to let the old ladies hold and enjoy her.  It was obvious to me that elderly women love babies; it took me three times as long to go through the store when I had Little Miss than when I didn’t, because we got stopped so many times so the ladies could just ogle and gawk.  Little Miss had blessings said over her in the grocery store aisle, she was compared to others’ baby grandsons, and used as an example to one woman’s middle-aged, 6′ 6″ son as to what he used to look like.

It’s funny the people you’ll meet and the stories you’ll hear when you carry a baby around in public.


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