Dresses By Cas

I absolutely LOVE this dress my friend Cas made for her daughter!  Here’s the fantastic part: She made up the pattern herself as she went along.  Cas is pregnant with her second (a boy this time!) and is looking for a creative outlet to keep her busy while her body stays busy keeping Baby Boy in there for a few more weeks.  She has made all sorts of things recently including a crib caddy (for books, pacifiers, dolls, etc.), colourful burp cloths, and skirts for her little girl, and just this weekend made the most fantastically spring-ful, fashionable, adorable dress I’ve seen in a while.  I love it so much I’m sending her fabric this week to make at LEAST two for Little Miss.  If only I were this creative…and patient.  I’m pretty sure she could make a fortune on these; it only took her two hours to make this one – from scratch, on her first try.  I’m so impressed.  Okay, okay, here’s the dress that has me all agog:


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