Inspire Me Baby

I like to think of myself as an amateur photographer; I have an old (one of the first smaller digital cameras, so it’s still quite large) point-and-shoot, I’ve never taken a photography class in my life, and I’ve read very minimally about taking good pictures.  Occasionally, however, thanks to the marvel of digital technology, I manage to take a good picture (all photos in this blog were taken by me).

Of course, since birthing Little Miss I’ve had a never-ending source of fantastic photo subjects and have wasted many megabytes of memory snapping pictures of my beautiful “baby” girl.  In the tub, sleeping, eating carrots, sitting in the grass, swinging with Daddy, sleeping, playing with toys, eating her first cake, sleeping, feeding her dolly, sleeping, crawling, smiling, sleeping, playing dress-up, wearing a box on her head, sleeping, reading a book, sleeping…yes, I’m one of those mothers who can’t stop clicking the shutter and has about a thousand images of her child sleeping.  (Does she really look that different between one nap and the next?)

In addition, I cannot get enough of photography blogs where the artist shares some of their gorgeous shots and makes me feel so inadequate yet somehow inspired at the same time.  I stare at the pictures, trying to sear into memory what props were used, what angle the photos were taken from, what the baby is wearing, how they’re posed, what the backdrop is, etc.  I scroll down and down and down, clicking through to months and months ago, soaking it all in, wishing I could be so creative and talented.  And this is typically during a break at the office, and I usually end up wishing I could drop everything and spend the next two hours in a photo shoot with Little Miss.

Alas, this never happens.  However, I did manage to set up a shoot with Little Miss and her 4-year-old cousin in February (yes, that’s them in the pictures), and I hope to make this an annual tradition.

From time to time I stumble across a really amazing website that not only offers tips and suggestions for improving a skill I’m interested in maturing, but entertains me at the same time.  Inspire Me Baby is one such site; a blog dedicated to offering professional tips and sharing examples with child and family photographers.  While I can’t claim to be one myself, tips on how to successfully use bubbles in a photo shoot can be helpful for any type of photographer, right?  Right.

If you enjoy taking pictures of kids or people at all, you might consider following this blog (use Google Reader or click the RSS feed button near the center of the page).  You might learn a thing or two…and even if you don’t use the tips, the photography itself makes it worth following the blog.


One thought on “Inspire Me Baby

  1. I love the princess photo and the cowgirls! I love these kind of photos so much more than posed professional pix. The website sounds like a good resource!

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