Firey Buns?

Disposable diaper, size 12-25kg/26-55lb.

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Little Miss has a tendency to get random diaper rashes.  And these aren’t just the easy “sprinkle a little powder or corn starch on her bum” patchy pink spots.  They aren’t even a “dab a bit of Desatin on it” rashes.  These are serious, bright red, raised, “I refuse to sit down or even walk” diaper rashes.

This really makes no sense to me because we keep her changed, wipe her clean, blow her dry, and use powder after her baths.  As an infant she got a rash so bad she had blisters, but I suspect some of that was due to the Pampers Dry Max diapers we were using.  (I read online that there was a bit of a constroversy with Pampers for putting those on the shelves when they knew the Dry Max technology had the potential to cause burned baby bums.)

After finally asking the doctor for suggestions as everything else we’d tried didn’t work, he prescribed her a tube of Nystatin.  “Oh yeah, I’ve used that…” you’re thinking.  But  wait, that’s not the end!

Husband and I, on doctor’s orders, purchased a large tube of antibiotic ointment and one of the “we’re serious diaper changers” tubs of Desatin diaper rash cream.  Those we mixed together in a 1-to-1-to-1 ratio with the Nystatin, and BAM!  Her diaper rash cleared in about two days.  No, it wasn’t completely gone, but within 4-5 days it was hardly pink at all, and within a week it was as though the rash had never happened.

The key is in the combination of creating a barrier between the skin and any liquid in the diaper, and fighting off any bacteria on the skin.  If you’re struggling with keeping your little one’s bum free of rashes, ask your pediatrician about this combination.  It may not work in every situation, but it never hurts to ask.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the corn starch comment, a nurse told me that it’s a risk-free alternative to baby powder.  While the latter can cause trouble in a baby or young child’s lungs if inhaled, corn starch is completely safe.  And now you know.


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