DIY: Easter Baskets

I have been trying to decide how to do Easter baskets this year (I want to make one for Little Miss and one for her friend, Bug, for an Easter egg hunt), and was looking for cute, easy and cheap options if I was going to make them rather than buy them. (I’ve been feeling crafty and artistic lately, which is weird because I’m NOT artistic at all.)  A regular e-newsletter I get linked to several fun do-it-yourself Easter basket ideas.

Last Easter was Little Miss’ first, and Bug’s mom invited us over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt.  There were four older kids there (Bug’s cousins), so their eggs were hidden around the yard, but Bug’s mom had set aside a small corner of the yard with half a dozen eggs just sitting in plain sight.  She warned the big kids not to go in that corner and that those eggs were not for them, and then we set Little Miss and Bug right in the middle of those bright plastic eggs.  Bug was more interested in doing the bear crawl through the chilly April grass, and Little Miss (in an adorable bunny outfit from Nana – yes, that’s her in the photo) squinted in the sun and wondered what all the big kids were running around for.

Once Bug and Little Miss finally settled down to check out the eggs, they (with a little help) discovered Gumby-style rabbits and brand new socks inside.  It was a lot of fun, but I’m looking forward to this Easter, when we can actually put snacks in the eggs (since they’re supposed to have candy in them, right?!).  And they can walk around to collect eggs this year, too, which is why little, light-weight baskets would be nice.  I think I might try one of these ideas.  Have fun!

Woven Ribbon Easter Basket



Decorative Easter Bag



Paper Easter Bag



Living Easter Basket



Bird Nest Easter Bucket



One thought on “DIY: Easter Baskets

  1. Love the bird nest basket! I wonder if I could convince my 11-year old to dress up in that bunny outfit – too cute!

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