DIY: Bathtub Crayons

I had no idea you could make your own bathtub crayons, but now that I do, I think I might make some.  I bought some for Little Miss that are the size of regular crayons, but they aren’t as fun for her to hold onto as these larger ones would be.  Thanks to A Magical Childhood for bringing these to my attention.  Also, this blog looks like a great resource for more fun “to do with the kidlets” ideas.  Check it out!


7 thoughts on “DIY: Bathtub Crayons

  1. better for young children is finger paints. Johnsons bubble bath mixed with food colouring. Put colors in an ice cube tray on the edge of the tub! No tears, just as fun!

  2. I know some places (Trader Joe’s-type?) sell all-natural stuff, something like Burt’s Bees that is made all natural and doesn’t hurt eyes or hurt you if you swallow it. Might check that?

  3. Thats a good idea becky…wonder where one would look for that?? Also, it could just be something for older kids. I’d like to make these for Leah though because she’s just starting to understand drawing and writing.

  4. Awesome idea! I’m going to have to try this. Although…if it’s soap, and it got on their hands, then into their eyes…wouldn’t that hurt?

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