All About the Feet

What do you think these two are jabbering about?  It clearly has something to do with their feet…the colour of their socks?  Something they stepped in?  Oh how I enjoyed this video!


2 thoughts on “All About the Feet

  1. That is incredible! I love it! I really wish I knew whether kids really truly understood each other, or if it’s just all play-acting, or what. Children’s development is so fascinating!

  2. It is very cute – I just saw it on someone else’s blog this morning. It reminded me of a story my daughter’s babysitter told me when my girl and her playmates were about 2 years old. The babysitter watched them in conference – one girl went on at length in language totally unintelligible to adults, then the other girls looked serious and said, “no.” The babbling explanation went on, again, the response was “no.” More babbling, which was finally greeted with an “okay!” And they all ran off and got busy doing something.

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