Little Miss’ Guide to Reminding Mommy She’s A Mommy (Just In Case She Forgot)

1. Watch as mommy fills the bathtub.
2. Let her think she’s safe to start cleaning the bathroom while you play in the water.
3. Poop quietly.
4. Act surprised when she exclaims about said poop.
5. Watch as she drains the tub, helpfully pointing out all the “poo-poo” for her to clean up.
6. Watch as she refills the tub.
7. Repeat steps 2-5.
8. Watch as mommy strips to get in the shower with you.
9. After the shower, help daddy get your jammies on you, then reach for mommy as soon as she’s dressed.
10. Promptly throw up on mommy’s clean PJs when she picks you up.
11. Act cute and find the entire episode entertaining and exciting.


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