A Mommy Moment

At church this weekend I had a moment that almost had me in tears right there in the sanctuary.  The service ended early, which never happens, so the praise team got up and did a few extra songs so we wouldn’t be too early for the fellowship dinner following the service.  While they played, I sang along and continued to entertain Little Miss in the pew next to me.  People were chatting and singing together as we casually ended the service with music, and Little Miss hopped off the pew and stood next to me, grinning.  I leaned over and kissed her forehead and she grinned even bigger.  So I did it again.  She grinned and let out an adorable giggle.  I continued kissing her forehead and she continued grinning and giggling.

After several kisses and giggles, as I held her little blonde head gently between my hands, I looked down at her sweet, smiling face, and saw love, adoration and joy.  Her eyes met mine and her smile was so sincere and precious that I felt my eyes well with tears. It was in that moment that I felt so much love in my heart for that little girl that I thought it impossible to ever love her more than I did right then.

The song was ending and folks were gathering their bags, Bibles, purses, coats and children.  I quickly looked away from Little Miss, in fear that I would embarrass myself, sitting in the pew with tears coursing down my cheeks…which
had nothing to do with the music or the church.  So before those tears threatening to spill over the brims of my eyes did exactly that, I forced myself to focus on something else.

But that moment is something I will never forget.


3 thoughts on “A Mommy Moment

  1. My first special Mommy moment with my daughter was when we were still in the hospital a day or two after she was born. It was early morning, and I had her in the bed next to me and she was awake. The sun was just rising, so the room was in twilight – just enough for us to see each other. We just stared into each other’s eyes for several minutes. I’ll always remember the way she searched my face, and just studied me so intently. She’s 11 and we still have a lot of special moments.

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