Listening to Trees

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A Magical Childhood is an amazingly fun blog, maintained by a mother who recently shared that she was pregnant again – completely unexpectedly.  She homeschools her children and posts regularly with ideas on how to make each day with your children magical.  I really enjoy her posts, as she shares photos and stories from her life at home with the kids, and inspires me with activities I can do with Little Miss (some now, some when she gets a little older).

Recently she posted something incredible: Listening to Trees.  Did you know you can hear a tree’s “heartbeat”?!? Makes me want to go buy a stethoscope this afternoon!  If you do this, take pictures and share them in the comments below.  I’d love to see you and your kids listening to trees.


3 thoughts on “Listening to Trees

  1. Kind of makes me want to take a stethoscope when we go camping to compare the sounds from different types of trees. If I suggest it though, my daughter might think I’m trying to communicate with them – ever since she read a story I posted about talking to trees when I was a kid, she thinks I’m a little odd. But science is her favorite subject, so I’m sure she’d be into it.

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