Husband and I have been increasingly charmed by the number of things Little Miss tries to help with around the house.  While of course there are still things she can’t do (cut tomatoes for dinner, clean the toilet, vacuum, etc.), there are so many things she can help with.  The trick is not getting impatient when a 3-minute chore turns into a 7-minute task with two little hands awkwardly trying to help.

And it’s important to let them help you!  Not only does this teach them responsibility and teamwork, it also gives you yet another way to spend quality time with your child.  At a loss for what you can let your young toddler do?  Try these ideas:

  • When moving laundry from the washer to the dryer, let him push/throw the wet clothes into the dryer.
  • Give her hotpads to take to the dining table so you can put the hot dish from the oven on the table.
  • Let him put his own plate and cup in the sink.
  • Give her a clean cloth and show her how to wipe down and dust surfaces with you.
  • Hand him non-messy/drippy things to throw in the garbage.
  • Let her toss empty tin cans and bottles in the recycling bin.
  • Hand him lightweight items from the table and let him put them away in the pantry and fridge.
  • Show her how to pick up the decorative pillows and put them back on the sofa.
  • When picking up yard debris, let him hand you small sticks and dead leaves to put in the garbage (or put them in the bag himself if he can).
  • Let her hand you things from grocery bags, and then let her pick up the bags when everything is put away.
  • Have him put his clothes in the hamper after changing.
  • Hand her the spoon when mixing ingredients in a bowl and let her stir.
  • Help him hold the measuring spoon/cup and dump its contents into the bowl.
  • Ask her to carry one of your shoes to the closet. (You can carry the other one.)
  • Teach him to clean up his own toys when he’s done playing.

What are some ways you let your little one help around the house?


2 thoughts on ““Help?”

  1. That’s a good list!
    One of our fun memories of our daughter when she was really little was when she assigned herself the job of “towel girl.” Back in toddler days, I brought her into the bathroom with me when I was showering, and one day when I turned off the water, I saw a towel immediately appear just inside the shower curtain. I opened it up and saw my girl looking up at me, binky in mouth and towel in hand. I thanked her profusely and she did it for both me and my husband for some time after that, running to the bathroom at the appropriate time to do her job.

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