Looking Stupid

Most people have an underlying fear of looking stupid to other people, especially their peers or those they feel are better than them.  This fear somehow disappears completely or is simply ignored when one becomes a parent.  I realized this last night when I found myself dancing in the stupidest manner I’d ever pretended to dance – in the middle of my kitchen with my daughter copying everything I did.  The best part: we were both giggling hysterically.  It made me giggle even more to imagine someone looking in the window at that moment.  When Daddy joined in that just made it all that much better.

I’ve also caught myself sitting at a red light with other drivers in their cars surrounding mine, and I watch them singing along to the radio, checking their email on cell phones, texting, changing the CD, rooting around in their purse, briefcase or backpack, or any number of other random activities.  And what am I doing?  Sticking my lower lip out and making funny noises by pulling it down with my index finger and letting it go quickly.  If the other drivers glance over and don’t notice the baby car seat in my back seat…well, I once again look stupid.

Walking around in Wal-Mart (or any other random store) I have felt my face grow a little hot under the interested stares of other shoppers as I cross my eyes, puff up my cheeks and pull on my ears, just to evoke even one tiny little laugh from my Little Miss as she watches me intently from her spot in the shopping cart.

It’s these little things that make being a parent ridiculous and oh so much fun.  Even if I suffer through a brief moment of fearing looking stupid, in the end, I don’t care at all.  The image of my husband and I “dancing” around the kitchen with Little Miss is one I will treasure for years to come.  As silly as I’m sure we looked, I almost wish someone had been there with a video camera.


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