Is Your Child Ready?

Large image of toilet seat

Image via Wikipedia

With the whole stripping trick under development, we’ve started offering Little Miss the option of sitting on her little potty seat.  It’s a seat that looks just like the regular toilet seat, it’s just smaller and fits on top of the regular one, just the right size for her little bum.  She has tried it a few times, gradually becoming more comfortable, but she still hasn’t actually gone potty while sitting there.  We’ll get there, but we don’t want to force the issue.  I don’t want her to associate the potty with frustration and anger.

When I found this article on potty training readiness, I was surprised to see that Little Miss has fulfilled all the “readiness” requirements except a couple.  So while we wait for her to complete all of them, we’ll keep offering opportunity to try out the potty, without pushing the issue to the point of frustration.


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