9 Medicines You Shouldn’t Give Your Toddler

It’s amazing how every stage in my daughter’s life is so intriguing and at the same time so frightening to me.  Little Miss is my first child and while there are occasional bouts of “I can do this mom thing,” more often than not my brain is screaming, “WHAT’S GOING ON?!?”  It’s better now that I know her a little better and now that she can at least gesture and shake/nod her head.  She says a few words, but more often uses body language to explain what she wants.

So since I am constantly wondering what is and is not okay for a kid my daughter’s age and size (since I’ve never done this before), this article on medicines you shouldn’t give a toddler was very interesting to me.  Of course, some are common sense, but a confirmation is always good, right?


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