And So It Begins

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When I picked up Little Miss from daycare yesterday I heard a very distressing story.  Apparently she had been found after her nap naked from the waist down, her wet diaper lying in the corner of the crib, her pants spread out underneath her squatting form…and pee making a large, warm wet spot on her pants and the crib sheets.

We’ve known for a while that she knew how to take her pants off.  It started several weeks ago when she suddenly realized that having something wet and/or sticky against your bum isn’t so comfortable or enjoyable, so she indicated she needed a change by pulling down her pants.  And the daycare providers had found her once before with her pants halfway down her legs when she got up from a nap, but never had they been completely off, and until yesterday, we had no idea she’d figured out how to remove her own diaper.

And so begins the era of never putting her to bed in a two-piece outfit (she hasn’t yet figured out snaps or her PJ zippers, but I’m sure it won’t be long).

The good news: From experience the daycare told us kids who do this tend to potty train earlier than others.  Of course, labeling this “good news” is up for debate…but rest assured that I’ll be sharing potty-training tips/tricks/stories with you in the not-too-distant future.  Anyone have any good potty-training books for parents to recommend?


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