Make it Magical

A pumpkin stem.

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Inspired by the website I linked to yesterday (A Magical Childhood), I’ve decided to put together a list of ideas of things to do with your kids this week (since most Americans have at least one day off this week for Thanksgiving).  As I have a toddler, this will be focused mainly on that age group, but adapt any of these activities to suit your child(ren)’s age(s).

  • Collect leaves. Let the kids pick them up, touch them, break them, kick through piles of them.  Name the colours of each leaf.  Then take them inside and make leaf rubbings.
  • Plant bulbs.  Even the smallest child can drop a bulb into a prepared hole in the garden.
  • If you already have snow (like we do!), show them how to make snow angels, roll a snowball and follow in your footsteps.
  • Allow scribbling.  Pull out a sketchpad and tape pieces of paper to a window or the tile floor, then hand them a couple of (washable) crayons and let them have at.  Display the masterpieces in a special place, whether it’s on your fridge or on twine strung across the wall with mini clothes pins to hold the papers.
  • If you do Christmas trees, collect the unbreakable ornaments they can help you hang, even if it just means handing them to you for you to hang, or placing them all in one reachable place for you to rearrange later.
  • Put on some fun music and dance together, no matter how silly you feel.
  • Let your child put the Christmas cards in the mailbox and raise the flag, and let him get the mail out of the box when it arrives.
  • Decorate pumpkins.  Glue on buttons or candies, letting your child press them onto the glue after you’ve put it on the pumpkin.  Get the mini-pumpkins and use them for table decor for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • If you still have flowers, go flower picking.  Collect a few, then let your child help you put them in the vase, one at a time, talking about the different colours and sizes as you put each one in the water.
  • Dress her in appropriate water-resistant/proof clothing (and boots!) and go puddle stomping.  Don’t let the wet and mud deter you; that’s what a warm bath is for when you’re done!
  • Rake the leaves.  Get a child-sized rake and let them “help” you, then lift them into the garbage can and let them help you stomp them down.

What are some other autumn activities you like to do with your kids?


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