DIY: A Series

A mother holds up her child.

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In today’s western culture parents are offered many more options than they will ever need for their children’s purported happiness, health and intelligence.  Whenever I hear myself bemoaning the fact that some little thing has inconvenienced me, I am reminded of mothers 100 years ago – or even 50 years ago – who had barely a fraction of the conveniences I am afforded as a mother today.  The unfortunate thing about most of these conveniences is that they aren’t so convenient on the wallet.

This post starts a series of Do-It-Yourself ideas for parents who are trying to avoid falling into the pit of buying everything offered for their child – toys, gadgets, pre-packaged food, etc.  While you may not be a completely self-sufficient parent, you can at least a) reduce your carbon footprint and b) feel accomplished at having provided something special and unique for your child.

The DIY series will feature some guest bloggers, so if you have done something on your own as a parent and would like to share the idea with others like you, let me know!  I’d love to have you do a guest blog for me.

Now…get ready to DIY.


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