Three Cheers for Fall

Acer platanoides in autumn colors.

Image via Wikipedia

I get daily emails from Parenting Magazine and usually there is at least one thing that catches my eye.  This weekend it was a blog by a mother of two listing ten reasons she’s psyched summer is over.  Reading through it I realized how excited I am that fall is almost – okay, perhaps IS – here.  Autumn has always been my favourite season; I think I blog about it on my personal blog several times a year.  Here are some of MY top reasons to be psyched summer is over, and when you’re done, read the well-written, easy-to-agree-with blog by Erin Zammett Ruddy.

  • I can enjoy hot drinks again.
  • Cute fall clothes for my daughter (and me!).
  • Christmas is that much closer.
  • Gorgeous foliage.
  • Yummy scented candles.
  • People make pumpkin bread.
  • I can snuggle up in cozy blankets again.
  • Fall is usually when Husband and I take our long vacation (except for this year since both of us used our vacation hours during maternity/paternity leave).
  • Matching hats, scarves and gloves/mittens.


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