You Know You’re a Mom When…

You’re hunting through your purse and find a baby bottle cap, a pacifier, stale Cheerios and/or baby socks.

While waiting in line at the store you find yourself humming the Leapfrog Alphabet Train song.

Someone yells, “MOM!” and you automatically turn your head, even if none of your children are with you.

Hallmark commercials make you cry.

You feel the urge to wipe other people’s mouths as they’re eating.

Someone deserves praise and your first words are, “Yay!  Good job!” in a high-pitched voice with an exaggerated smile…and you clap your hands while doing it.

A coworker or friend asks about something you’ve already explained countless times and you find yourself asking them, “What did I say…?” in that warning tone of voice.

Someone spills their drink and you immediately whip out a handi-wipe.

You know how to get grape juice, blood and poop out of fabric, carpet and upholstry.

You notice that airplanes have changing tables in the bathrooms…and that most restaurants and stores have them only in the women’s restrooms.

You can smile at a goofy-looking toddler in the shopping cart wearing a leopard print onesie and white dress shoes, a 5-year-old in a Superman costume, and a tiny voice asking, “What’cha doin’, mommy?” from the next stall over in the bathroom.


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