Thanks to some awesome connections on Facebook, I’ve been introduced to, a children’s clothing exchange website that gets budget-conscious moms 15-20 outfits for Jr. for a mere $13.  Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up.  It’s free and easy – can’t beat that!

2. Search for a box of clothes.  Search by child’s gender, size, and what season of clothing you are looking for.

3. Pick a box.  Select which one you’d like to receive, enter your credit card or Paypal information to pay the $13 for shipping, and sit back and relax for 3-4 days until your box of clothes arrives.

4. Pack a box of your own.  Collect those bags of clothes Jr. has grown out of, separate them into size groups and stuff a box ( sends you a stack of boxes to use for free once you sign up) full  of clothes of the same size for the same gender.

5. List the box.  Make a list of what’s in your box – select most common colours, brands and seasons – and sit back and wait for someone to pick your box.

6. When your box is picked, print a prepared address label from the website and put the box out by your mailbox.  The website automatically schedules a pick-up for you.

7. Enjoy an organized, cleaned out closet in Jr.’s room, and new/like new clothes for Jr. as he grows.


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