Product Review: Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

My husband and I were fortunate enough to get several hand-me-down items from his cousin who had finished having children a few months before our Little Miss was born.  They offered us clothes, crib set pieces, extra bottles, solid-food-feeding equipment and more.  They were the ones who gave me the top of the line Avent breast pump, and the other hugely beneficial gift they offered was a Baby Bjorn baby carrier.

At first it seemed confusing – What do all these straps do? – and complicated – How do these separate pieces come together?  Unfortunately, they had forgotten to include the instruction booklet with the carrier, so we were left to our own resources to figure everything out.

Fortunately, my husband is a smart fellow and he is fairly good at sitting down with a problem and figuring out the solution.  So, within minutes, Husband had figured out how to put Little Miss safely in the Baby Bjorn.

This comfortable baby carrier has been a life-saver many times; cooking dinner would have been impossible, if not for the Baby Bjorn.  Husband even toted Little Miss around while doing the house cleaning; she fell asleep to the white noise of the vacuum cleaner.

The amazing thing is that Little Miss has never objected to being put into the Baby Bjorn.  She appears to find it comfortable, and it’s certainly fun for her now that she can face forward in it to see what Mommy and Daddy are doing.  The down side to that, of course, is that her hands are everywhere these days, making chopping vegetables a dangerous task while baby-wearing, and cleaning the bathroom gets interesting since she wants to grab (and taste!) everything within reach.

One thing I absolutely love is that you can use it from Day One until they pass the “too heavy” mark (somewhere around 30 pounds I think).  At first they face into you, resting their head on your chest and feeling comfortable against your familiar body.  Once they can support their heads well, you can turn them around without adjusting the Baby Bjorn, simply fold down the head support piece, and voila!  You’ve got a front-facing baby carrier.

Adjusting the Baby Bjorn while you’re wearing it is super simple.  You either pull on the straps (there are four to tighten it just where you need to), or on the plastic tabs (again, four of them to loosen it just where you need to), which is surprisingly easy to do while you’re wearing the thing.

Really the only two things I dislike about the Baby Bjorn is: 1.) The difficulty of getting the baby into the carrier on your own.  It’s doable, but it’s hard.  And if you don’t have a safe place to put the baby down while you get ready to insert him/her into the Baby Bjorn, it can be really stressful trying to make it work.  All it takes is a little practice, though, and you’re good to go.  And 2.) The “snaps” on the bottom are next to impossible to do one-handed.  I’ve hurt my thumb many times trying to extract myself from the Baby Bjorn with those snaps while holding Little Miss in my other hand.  Seems they could have designed those better, especially since moms are notorious for having multiple things going on at once.

All in all, I give the affordable Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier an A.


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