Becoming Unflappable

I just read an article on about dealing with being a working mom.  This article meant so much to me I could just about cry.

As a mother who longed to be a Stay-At-Home (SAH) yet was forced for financial reasons to continue her career instead, I’ve had a hard time finding others who can identify with my situation.  Most other mothers I know who are my age are a) full-time SAHs, b) part-time SAHs while Dad covers the time they spend at work or c) full-time career women whose parents live in town and can watch the children both stress- and payment-free, making every day a, “YAY! I get to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!” day.

While not all of the article applies to me yet (my daughter isn’t quite ready for algebra problems or history projects), much of it hit a home run in my book, and was overwhelmingly encouraging.  I love being a mom, but in all honesty, I also love my job.  And while I longed to be a SAH for years (especially the months following Little Miss’ birth), I realize now that if I’d quit my job, I’d miss it tremendously.

This article, “The 10 Secrets of One Unflappable Working Mother,” really helped me see that what the “experts” say does NOT always work for every family.  Sometimes you’ve got to thumb your nose at them and say, “Forget you!  I’m doing what keeps my family happy and my head clear.”

So, all you mothers out there who wear more than one full-time hat, this one’s for you.


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